How much do you charge?

Freelance Copywriter Rates from Coast Copywriting


Know how much the job costs – before we start

How much does it cost? It’s a question that deserves a clear, upfront answer and I will provide you with a free written quote that clearly states ALL fees.

This will include the scope of the work, in some detail, so we both know exactly what the job will cover. For instance, the number of web pages, the approximate wordcount per page, a round of amends etc. And it will include an exact price for this work. It’s upfront, it’s clear and it allows you to budget for the job before we begin.

Flexible day rates and discounts

I also work on a day rate where required, usually for ongoing clients and agencies. This rate is negotiable, depending on the length of the project. For example, if you book me for two weeks, the rate will be quite a bit lower than booking me for one day. Similarly, if you need my services 2-3 days every month, I will offer a significant discount in return for an ongoing commitment.

Why am I an affordable freelance copywriter?

In a word, because I am not a large agency with huge overheads. I work for large agencies. I deliver high-quality copy for their high street clients. But if you come to me directly you will get industry-leading copy without the huge price tag. Work with me regularly and you will most likely make huge savings.

For affordable freelance copywriter rates, get in touch with Martin at Coast Copywriting on 07414 865222 or email now.  

Are you the right copywriter for my creative agency?

Work with a professional copywriter who has over ten years of experience freelancing for agencies. And one who delivers persuasive, creative copy, on brief and on time.


I’ve worked for some of the UK’s leading creative agencies, including Publicis Blueprint, The River Group, Result CC and Indigodog Publishing.

And I can help you deliver persuasive, powerful messages that will satisfy your agency and the client.

I can team up remotely with art editors and other creatives as needed, to bring the kind of integrated approach many projects require.

Contact me  to find out how my professional copywriting services can help with your project.



Are you the right copywriter for my business?

Work with a copywriter who will help you locate your key benefits and core audience – and then write compelling messages to attract customers

If you’re planning a website or print campaign, it can be hard to know where to start. My professional copywriting services can help bring organisation and clarity to your project by:

  • discovering the core benefits of your business
  • analysing your customer base
  • writing powerful, targeted copy that explains those benefits to your customers.

Of course, you might already have a very clear idea about your benefits and target audience. In that case, give me your brief and I’ll help create compelling messages with a strong call to action.

Get in touch for professional copywriting services that can help your business.



Do you write SEO web copy?

As a freelance SEO copywriter, I deliver concise, benefit-led web copy that is search engine optimised, to help attract the right traffic to your site.  


What is search engine optimisation?

Relevant keywords

Google search results focus on relevance. In other words, if your site includes the searched-for terms, or keywords, you are more likely to perform well in results. I can help you find the keywords that will help draw traffic to your site by:

  • performing keyword analysis to discover the phrases that will work best for you
  • using those keywords in your website’s copy. This will include the main text of your site as well as important areas that Google takes particular notice of: headings, bulleted text, bold and italic text, and link text
  • adding keywords to the meta information. This is the information that isn’t necessarily read by visitors but is, in most cases, read by Google. It includes page URLs, page titles, description tags and alt text. (If you want to know more about these terms, I’ll be happy to explain.)


As well as keyword relevance, Google assesses a site’s importance by its reputation, or PageRank. And a good PageRank is achieved by getting lots of incoming links.

How do you get links? There are, literally, hundreds of ways to embark on a link campaign.  One great way to get links is to include lots of relevant and useful content on a site. As a freelance SEO copywriter, I can help you do this by writing:

  • blog posts that offer useful information to visitors. As well as hosting them on your site, I can help you distribute blog posts across the web to help attract incoming links
  • press releases. Newsworthy items about your business can be distributed in press releases that draw links back to you. All good for your PageRank.

Great web copy – the most important SEO of all

I understand the principles of SEO, but I am first and foremost a copywriter. Why is this important? Because like more and more people in the industry, I recognise that well-written, relevant content will, over time, draw the right traffic to your website. Pages stuffed with keywords, on the other hand, probably won’t.

As a freelance SEO copywriter, I deliver copy that is optimised for search engines and a persuasive and engaging read for the most important visitors of all – the human ones.

Contact Coast Copywriting to find out how I can help you.




Professional Editing Services

My professional editing and web copy editing services can transform your words into clear, convincing messages that speak to customers.

For some people, it’s cost-effective to write their own copy and then get me to sharpen it. As a professional freelance copywriter and copy editor, I can ensure your copy:

  • effectively promotes your important messages
  • communicates those messages in clear, easy-to-follow sentences
  • looks like a professional, finished product.

I have 10 years experience as a professional copywriter and 15 years experience as an editor and web copy editor. I help people with reports, business tenders, web copy and textbooks.

Whatever the standard of the original copy, work with me and your messages will emerge tighter and more persuasive. And they will be free of the annoying errors that instantly devalue any communication.

Get in touch for professional editing and web copy editing services.


What about the workflow?

I work in a clear, upfront and structured way. Before I begin, we’ll agree on a brief, the workflow, and the final delivery of your project.

Copywriting – the workflow

As a freelance professional copywriter,  I keep to schedules and deadlines by agreeing on a clear plan of delivery with you. Here’s how it works:
  1. I talk to you, study your project and write a brief. This reflects all the agreed elements of the project and a deadline. When you sign off the brief, I proceed.
  2.  I submit a first draft for your comments.
  3. I submit a second draft, reflecting your comments. You now have the opportunity to make any final minor amends.
  4. I submit a final draft.
This system helps keep things simple, on brief and on schedule.  And it’s kept my clients happy time and time again.

Where I work (in case you were wondering)

I do all my work from my home office. Occasionally, this surprises clients but they soon realise that with email, phone, Skype, and FTP, remote working is no issue at all. In fact, one creative agency has used my freelance copywriting services for over 10 years, on a series of different projects.  


I need a full publishing package

I can help you create a website, booklet or magazine to the highest industry standards

If you have a larger project, I can assemble a talented team who can help from initial conception all the way through to finished project. This can include:

  • copywriters
  • editors
  • web and print designers
  • graphic designers.

I can also manage your printing requirements and deal with all the technical details of getting your website up and running.

Get in touch with me at Coast Copywriting to find out how a team of talented creatives can see your project through from conception to final delivery.

Looking for a talented web or print designer right now?  Contact Todd and Scott at T2 Design.

I want to find out more

Call Martin on 07414 865222, email martin@coastcopywriting.com or fill out my professional copywriting services contact form.



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