IoIC Award is The Smell of Success for Coast Copywriting

Marketing Awards and the New Fragrant Me

Three years ago, if you’d questioned me about the merits of perfumes and aftershaves I’d have looked at you like you were insane.

Why are you asking me about smelly coloured liquids people dab on their bodies? My education in fragrance began and ended at age 16 with Brut 33, Old Spice, and similar ‘man’s man’ scents best worn with a chunky lip rug.

Times have changed. I am now a mini industry of opinions about base notes, top notes and heart notes. I have things to say about Lady Gaga Fame, Madonna Truth or Dare, and Peter Andre Conditional. And I express these opinions in a woman’s tone of voice, somewhere between Grazia and Look!

Please – let me explain.

My metrosexual makeover is all down to the internal communications magazine The Nose. For three years I’ve been managing editor of this staff magazine for The Perfume Shop, on behalf of Indigodog Publishing Limited. In that time I’ve dived into the deep end of the perfume industry, discovering everything from the history of fragrance to the subtle art of using blotters (those little perfume sample sticks) to help win a sale in store. I’ve also worked with my colleagues at Indigodog to develop a tone of voice and look for The Nose, to match our client’s demographic.

To sum up, we’re all deeply involved in the world of perfume retail internal comms. And so we were delighted to learn The Nose had won an Award of Excellence from the Institute of Internal Communications (IOiC].

A big thank you to Indigodog Publishing for asking me to take on the Managing Editor role at The Nose. Having the opportunity to develop a tone of voice and an editorial strategy for a whole magazine is a joy for a copywriter. Working regularly on a title like this – and getting such great positive feedback from staff and the client – has also deepened my knowledge of internal comms.

I also know a lot more about perfume. In fact, these days I’m far less likely to wear aftershaves that take the hairs off your nostrils – definitely a good thing for anyone who meets me at the water cooler.

Martin Philp is a freelance copywriter who offers professional copywriting services to brands, SMEs and agencies. Get in touch now.