Copywriter Cornwall – 5 Reasons to Work with Coast Copywriting

Hands up who wants to spend their evenings and weekends blogging and writing content for their business website?


No, it’s not top of many people’s list. But doing that essential marketing in your down time can seem like the only option when you are stacked during the working week.


There is another way. Here’s five reasons to work with Coast Copywriting, a cornwall-based copywriting agency.


1) Professional edge

Coast Copywriting is run by a Penzance-based copywriter who offers over 15 years of experience in the industry. You’ll benefit from copy that catches the eye and pulls readers in. Crucially, your messages will help convince, persuade and charm readers into a response – that precious click, sign up, or sale.


2) Cornwall knowledge

As a Cornwall-based copywriting agency, Coast will tailor your messages so they sit just right with the local market. Roofers, builders, mechanics and solicitors all come to me to help them discover the right tone. Often that means not too slick and fancy, but upfront, honest messages that highlight excellent work and a great local reputation.


3) Tourism specialist

Want to attract clients to our beautiful county? Then it makes sense to work with an industry expert. Martin Philp from Coast was chief writer and editor of VisitEngland’s Quality Edge magazine for B&B owners for several years. He is also an established travel writer and knows how to cast a spell over readers until they can feel our Cornish sands between their toes.


4) Big brand experience

You might like to know you’ll be working with a Cornwall copywriting business that helps the most successful companies in the UK. Brands such as Sainsbury, Asda, The Perfume Shop, Tesco, Heinz, Skinny Cow, Jack Daniels and Dove ask for my help. And I can bring that level of expertise and professionalism to your project, too.


5) Does the writing – so you don’t have to

For small and medium-sized businesses, working with a copywriter can bring sheer relief. No more writing content in your down time means you get your life back. (Hello again to surfing, playing with the kids, Sunday newspapers ­– whatever your thing is.) But most importantly it also means your messages are now working as hard as they can to get clients knocking on your door.


If you are looking for a copywriter in Cornwall, Coast can help you now. To talk about a project, ask for a quote or even get a free bit of advice about copy and marketing, call Martin Philp on 07414 865222 or email.


Martin Philp is a freelance copywriter who provides customer-facing, B2B and internal comms copy for websites, blogs, magazines, brochures, product packaging and more. Take a look at his full range of copywriter services.

Photo credits: Seal: John Stratford; Maze Tim Green; St Michael’s Mount: Vin Lane-Kieltyka – all Under Creative Commons license.



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