How much do you charge?

Freelance Copywriter Rates from Coast Copywriting


Know how much the job costs – before we start

How much does it cost? It’s a question that deserves a clear, upfront answer and I will provide you with a free written quote that clearly states ALL fees.

This will include the scope of the work, in some detail, so we both know exactly what the job will cover. For instance, the number of web pages, the approximate wordcount per page, a round of amends etc. And it will include an exact price for this work. It’s upfront, it’s clear and it allows you to budget for the job before we begin.

Flexible day rates and discounts

I also work on a day rate where required, usually for ongoing clients and agencies. This rate is negotiable, depending on the length of the project. For example, if you book me for two weeks, the rate will be quite a bit lower than booking me for one day. Similarly, if you need my services 2-3 days every month, I will offer a significant discount in return for an ongoing commitment.

Why am I an affordable freelance copywriter?

In a word, because I am not a large agency with huge overheads. I work for large agencies. I deliver high-quality copy for their high street clients. But if you come to me directly you will get industry-leading copy without the huge price tag. Work with me regularly and you will most likely make huge savings.

For affordable freelance copywriter rates, get in touch with Martin at Coast Copywriting on 07414 865222 or email now.