Copywriting Tips for Small Businesses #2

Focus on Benefits, not Features.

A wig is made from artificial or man-made fibres.

That’s a feature.

Rupert got his wig for free because he didn’t want toupée

A wig covers your bald head. It also gives you the confidence to approach attractive women and tell them they’ve pulled.

These are benefits. (Although possibly not for the women.)

Concentrate on benefits, not features. It’s probably the oldest piece of advice in copywriting, but it’s crucial. This is for two reasons:

  • Benefits go beyond explaining what a product is – they explain what a product can do for someone. And this is the best way to get an emotional, positive response from a customer.
  • They help focus the copy not on the business or the product, but the customer. And you should always focus your copy on the customer.

Yes, describe the features briefly. But also use your imagination and persuasive powers to describe how that feature turns into a benefit that solves a problem, or makes someone’s life a little bit more enjoyable.

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