Copywriting Tips for Small Businesses #3

Be Clear.

Clarity is everything in copywriting. Keep your messages simple and people will probably stay with you. Mix your messages and they won’t hang around to find out what you’re trying to say.

Simple. Unambiguous. Job done

Three words worth remembering – stay on target. That target is getting a response from a customer. Every word you write (after your brainstorming first draft) should be written with this aim in mind.

Here’s a five-point plan for structuring copy. Follow it and you’ll help stay relevant from the opening sentence to the last.

  1. An eye-catching headline focusing on the most important single benefit of your product.
  2. An introduction that gets straight to the point. No warming up. No harrumphing or throat clearing. Start with the most important benefit your product offers.
  3. The next most important benefit. (Note you are not mixing up or confusing your benefits here. You are tackling them one by one in a logical order.)
  4. The next most important benefit. And the next until…
  5. The call to action. This is the bit where you ask a customer to do something – call you, email you, fill out a form, buy. It’s the most mundane piece of copy you are going to write but it’s also the most important of all.


Martin Philp is a freelance copywriter who provides customer communications, internal communications, B2B copy and technical writing to  high street brands and small businesses.