Copywriting for Small Businesses Tip #1


Be Honest.

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Honest advertising? Cynics might think that’s a contradiction in terms, and quite often they’re right. But good advertising not only puts a business in the best possible light, it also remains credible in the eyes of the customer. And that’s why any copywriting tips for small businesses should begin with this: you really do need to tell it like it is.

From a writing point of view the key thing to look out for is superlatives – words such as best, finest, fastest and biggest. Don’t use them unless you have absolute, demonstrable proof that it’s the case. Big brands sometimes roll them out, and sometimes get away with it. When small or local businesses use them they usually end up looking pretty shoddy, even desperate.

One of the best pieces of copywriting advice I ever read was: Don’t get too anxious about being the best. Just concentrate on explaining why you’re very good at doing what you do.

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