Do you write SEO web copy?

As a freelance SEO copywriter, I deliver concise, benefit-led web copy that is search engine optimised, to help attract the right traffic to your site.  


What is search engine optimisation?

Relevant keywords

Google search results focus on relevance. In other words, if your site includes the searched-for terms, or keywords, you are more likely to perform well in results. I can help you find the keywords that will help draw traffic to your site by:

  • performing keyword analysis to discover the phrases that will work best for you
  • using those keywords in your website’s copy. This will include the main text of your site as well as important areas that Google takes particular notice of: headings, bulleted text, bold and italic text, and link text
  • adding keywords to the meta information. This is the information that isn’t necessarily read by visitors but is, in most cases, read by Google. It includes page URLs, page titles, description tags and alt text. (If you want to know more about these terms, I’ll be happy to explain.)


As well as keyword relevance, Google assesses a site’s importance by its reputation, or PageRank. And a good PageRank is achieved by getting lots of incoming links.

How do you get links? There are, literally, hundreds of ways to embark on a link campaign.  One great way to get links is to include lots of relevant and useful content on a site. As a freelance SEO copywriter, I can help you do this by writing:

  • blog posts that offer useful information to visitors. As well as hosting them on your site, I can help you distribute blog posts across the web to help attract incoming links
  • press releases. Newsworthy items about your business can be distributed in press releases that draw links back to you. All good for your PageRank.

Great web copy – the most important SEO of all

I understand the principles of SEO, but I am first and foremost a copywriter. Why is this important? Because like more and more people in the industry, I recognise that well-written, relevant content will, over time, draw the right traffic to your website. Pages stuffed with keywords, on the other hand, probably won’t.

As a freelance SEO copywriter, I deliver copy that is optimised for search engines and a persuasive and engaging read for the most important visitors of all – the human ones.

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