Advertising Copywriter

You don’t just want to talk to customers. You want them to listen. And to do that you need to tell a story

Use my advertising copywriter services and I will tell that story in a way that keeps people hooked on your message until the happily ever after (also know as the sale, or conversion).

Work with a story-telling expert

My freelance copywriting services will bring over 15 years of experience and targeted, effective messages to your customer-facing campaign. I will create the perfect headline, a well-structured narrative of key selling points and a persuasive call to action – all in lean, powerful copy that will help make that sale.

As an advertising copywriter, I have written hundreds of ads and advertorials on behalf of big brand clients such as Dove, Jack Daniels, Tabasco, Heinz, O2, Colgate, Skinny Cow, Virgin, Weight Watchers, Patak’s, Nokia, Martini Rosato and many, many more.

I also write product packaging and brochures for high street brands, and currently provide content strategy and content for a Tesco blog.

Talk to an advertising copywriter now.

Want to talk about a project? Choose my advertising copywriter services for your customer-facing campaign by emailing me or calling Martin on 07414 865222.

My copywriting services for an Asda Magazine advert
Advertising Copywriter sample – copywriting for advertising – Colgate Ad