Why Bid Writer Services?

Because every tender is fiercely fought. A well-written, persuasive proposal will set you apart from the competition and increase your chances of a lucrative win

Most proposal writing is wordy and dull. The bid writer puts on his metaphorical starched shirt and composes a document full of jargon, big words and boastful claims about his company’s prowess. The documents lack structure, is badly written and sometimes doesn’t even answer the relevant questions.

This is not the way to write a winning tender.

How to write a winning tender

There are four main principles I use in my bid writer services that have helped my copywriting clients win. They are tried and tested principles of good proposal writing and they should always be used in a tender – because this is a sales pitch on a very big scale.

  1. Be buyer-centric. Most bids documents fail because they are the ‘big I am’. If you want your potential client to sit up and listen, every word should focus not on the features of your offer, but on the benefits to them.
  2. Tell stories. Case studies and anecdotes are a compelling way to get attention, and back up your claims with evidence.
  3. Focus on structure. The meat of your bid should come at the start, and supporting information about your company at the end. Most businesses get this the wrong way around, including a lot of puff about themselves at the beginning. They lose readers early on as a consequence.
  4. Include an executive summary. A short summary (1-2 pages) at the start of your bid can convincingly persuade busy people of your merits from the word go. In fact, I’m convinced many bids are won with reference to this document alone.

Use my bid writer services and I will speak in depth with you about your company, research your competitors and create a concise and convincing proposal from scratch. Or, if you prefer, I can work to help your existing document shine.

Submit a winning award entry

For many companies these days, awards aren’t the icing on the cake – they’re an essential part of getting noticed and winning business. I have written awards entries that have helped clients gain positive PR through a shortlist selection or overall win. And, using the four principles outlined above, I can help you too.

Want to talk to a freelance bid writer? Email a query or call Martin on 07414 865222.

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Bid writer services – freelance bid writer example from Martin Philp at Coast Copywriting. This sample In the Pipeline newsletter for the Pipeline Industries Guild.