B2B Copywriter and Business Writer

Why a good B2B copywriter will always cut to the chase

B2B clients are busy clients. And that’s why you should respect their time and give them the facts – fast.

Get expertise from a B2B copywriter who knows how to talk technical across many industries and persuade in a concise and businesslike way.

Diverse portfolio across many sectors

I provide content strategy and technical content in areas as diverse as oil, gas and utilities; tourism; and the print and media industry. My way of working is based on a simple principle: whatever your subject, there is always an editorial strategy to help make content engaging and interesting to readers. I will:

  1. create headlines and introductions that encourage your audience to read on
  2. respect your subject matter and audience, but also develop an approachable tone of voice that talks to your readers
  3. edit and whittle copy of puff and wordiness until your business message sings – and persuades.

My clients include The Pipeline Industries Guild, VisitEngland, Stephens Scown solicitors and global print and media experts williamsleatag.

Whether you are looking to talk to clients in a digital or print newsletter, write a case study, or showcase a multimedia sales pitch, why not work with a B2B copywriter who knows the field and will deliver a compelling case for your product or service.

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Freelance B2B Copywriter portfolio sample for work undertaken for the Pipelines Industries Guild.
B2B Copywriter and Business Writer – Business Copywriting Services sample for the Pipeline Industries Guild Newsletter