The Freelance Content Strategist Approach

It’s all about having a plan

Many businesses adopt a scattergun approach to content strategy. Fire out some blog posts and extra web pages and eventually you’ll hit something.

But if you take a step back and formulate a plan and a vision, you will be far, far more effective in reaching your audience.

As a freelance content strategist, I understand how to create that plan and vision. It will be your template for all future content and should cover everything from tone of voice and house style to planning a website’s structure or blog outreach campaign.

Digital and print campaigns

Whether you are working on a digital or print campaign, I am a freelance content strategist who can help you.

I currently create strategies for Tesco, DHL, VisitEngland and the Pipeline Industries Guild. Projects range from designing an ongoing blog campaign to creating the complete editorial strategy, structure and content for digital and print magazines.

If you have a message to send out to stakeholders, use my content strategist expertise to find the right content and approach for you.

Want to talk? Email me about my freelance content strategist services now or call Martin on 07414 865222.

Freelance Content Strategist and Freelance Business Writer Example – VisitEngland feature.
Online Content Writing and freelance content strategist example – Tesco Bank pet insurance campaign