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Be concise. Be reader friendly. Be pretty

Many companies have some fabulous content. For a print brochure.

That’s kind of an industry joke, but a serious one. Because your web pages will look and read hopelessly dated if you or your content writer aren’t familiar with the rules of writing for a digital medium.

And no one will be listening to you.

Three golden rules

To get your message across and make that sale, you need content writer services that will do three things:

  1. Keep the copy as concise as possible.
  2. Relax your style just a little. You don’t have to be a standup, but a touch less formal will definitely help you engage online readers.
  3. Make good use of headings and crossheads and other visuals aids (pretty much as presented on this page).
How good content writing will help make that sale

I am a copywriter and content writer for small businesses and high street names such as Tesco, VisitEngland, The Pipeline Industries Guild and more. I can help you win readers, and then keep them, through persuasive content and solid content strategy. All the way down to the call to action that makes the sale.

Experienced blog writer

As part of my content writer services, I blog for high street brands, including Tesco Bank. This might involve anything from a single post to devising a comprehensive strategy and then rolling it out over 12 months. See an example of my online content writing work for Tesco Bank.

Want copywriter and content writer services? Email Martin or call 07414 865222.

Or find out more about my website copywriter services and SEO copywriter services.

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