Advertising copywriter and ad copywriting – including advertorial writing

Advertising Copywriter and Ad Copywriting – including Advertorial Writing

Big brands like my advertising copywriting. I think you will too



Ads and advertorials

Contact a professional copywriter who will bring over 10 years of experience to your advertising campaign and deliver targeted, effective messages.
I have written hundreds of ads and advertorials on behalf of big brands such as Dove, Jack Daniels, Tabasco, Heinz, O2, Colgate, Skinny Cow, Virgin, Weight Watchers, Patak’s, Nokia, Martini Rosato and many, many more.

Clients use come to me 
time and time again. And that’s because I know how to:
  • focus on the benefits of a product or service
  • engage customers with a compelling tone of voice
  • write concise, targeted copy with a strong call to action.

Product packaging

I can help you create brand names, taglines and product descriptors for product packaging that jump out at customers and encourage them to pick up and buy. Recently, I wrote copy for a series of perfume sampler gift sets for Vivabox and The Perfume Shop. My tagline ‘Try it. Choose it. Love it’ proved a huge success with the client and is now featuring in campaigns outside the UK.

Customer communications

  • Web. As the managing editor of a recent project for a high street retailer, I wrote and edited punchy, concise web content with clearly navigable links and interactive features.
  • Print. Over ten years of writing features, competitions, reviews and columns in major high street retailers’ customer magazines.

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