B2B Copywriting Services

As part of my B2B copywriting services, I write copy for clients in many industries. My work in this area ranges from individual case studies as in this example to whole newsletters and magazines.

B2B copy typically contains more detail than B2C equivalents. The reader can often be assumed to hold some prior knowledge of the subject in hand and can be introduced to quite technical details where appropriate.

However, the golden rules of copywriting still apply:

  • clear, concise copy
  • a story with a beginning, a middle and an end
  • a strong call to action.

If you want to talk to B2B clients in an intelligent and compelling way, use freelance B2B copywriting services from Coast.

Find out more about my B2B copywriter services. See my copywriter portfolio examples. Or take a look at all of my freelance copywriter services.

Freelance B2B copywriting services sample – a case study for a solicitor.