Professional bid writers

Use my professional bid writer services and I will create pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) and response to tenders to help your business increase its chances of securing a win.

As my clients have discovered, submitting a document with a clear structure and tight, compelling content free from wordiness is absolutely crucial.

My work involves:

  • analysing the invitation to tender
  • interviewing my client
  • structuring the bid in close alignment with the invitation to tender
  • writing clear, powerful copy using persuasive and emotive language and storytelling.

I have a high hit rate and my professional bid writer services have contributed to numerous bid wins.

This sample shows Quality Edge, a bi-monthly magazine for members of VisitEngland’s Quality Assurance scheme. It was won in a bid my client submitted to VisitEngland.

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Bid writing services example – Quality Edge magazine won during a bid for a VisitEngland contract. More professional bid writers services on the website.