Freelance Technical Writer

Get your points across and educate your audience with help from an experienced freelance technical writer and educational writer.

If you’re reading this page, you probably have a mass of source material that needs – somehow – to become a concise, clear document for readers. That’s where a technical writer can help.

Work with me and I will use a mixture of planning, structuring, and clear and precise writing to transform your material into a reader-friendly manual, article, or course.

My freelance technical writer experience includes delivering courses on:

  • learning a computer language
  • IT skills
  • structuring emails
  • numeracy and literacy
  • assertiveness in the workplace.

I also write and edit technical articles for the pipelines industry.

Clients include business trainers Hamilton Mercer, The Basic Skills Agency and publishing software manufacturers Oppolis.

Educate and inform your readers by working with a freelance technical writer. Email or call Martin on 07414 865222.

Educational writing and freelance technical writer samples – business training example in email etiquette for Hamilton Mercer.
Freelance Technical Writer – Online Learning Course example from technical copywriter Martin Philp.