What about the workflow?

I work in a clear, upfront and structured way. Before I begin, we’ll agree on a brief, the workflow, and the final delivery of your project.

Copywriting – the workflow

As a freelance professional copywriter,  I keep to schedules and deadlines by agreeing on a clear plan of delivery with you. Here’s how it works:
  1. I talk to you, study your project and write a brief. This reflects all the agreed elements of the project and a deadline. When you sign off the brief, I proceed.
  2.  I submit a first draft for your comments.
  3. I submit a second draft, reflecting your comments. You now have the opportunity to make any final minor amends.
  4. I submit a final draft.
This system helps keep things simple, on brief and on schedule.  And it’s kept my clients happy time and time again.

Where I work (in case you were wondering)

I do all my work from my home office. Occasionally, this surprises clients but they soon realise that with email, phone, Skype, and FTP, remote working is no issue at all. In fact, one creative agency has used my freelance copywriting services for over 10 years, on a series of different projects.