The following terms and conditions are intended to provide clarity and avoid potential misunderstandings. They apply to all projects undertaken by Coast Copywriting, unless otherwise agreed in writing.  As well as providing a comprehensive account of terms & conditions, they also describe the working process with Martin at Coast Copywriting.

Please bear in mind, in over 20 years in the industry I can count client disputes on one hand – I always try to find a way to keep you happy and solve any issues amicably. However, it is also important to be up front and ensure both parties are fully aware of their responsibilities. Thus the below…


1 Quote for work

Before beginning work, I will provide you (‘you’ being the client here and hereafter) with a full quote detailing the work to be included and the price. This quote includes up to three drafts (two rounds of amends) and consultation regarding the project by phone and email.

Should the scope of work change from that outlined in the quote, I will discuss additional costs with you before undertaking any extra work.

Should you request it, I can also work to an hourly or day rate.

2 The go ahead

Should you agree to the quote, I will ask you to confirm via email that you wish me to go ahead as per the terms of the quote, including the fees, and that you have read these terms & conditions.

3 Revisions

Provided they do not reflect a fundamental change in the project and are given within 15 days of receipt of copy, two rounds of revisions are included in the fee. Further amends may incur fees, which I will discuss with you before proceeding. Comprehensive rewrites as a result of a change in direction from you will incur fees. In such cases, a new quote will be supplied.

4 Errors and indemnity

While I will thoroughly proofread all copy, you will take full responsibility for the accuracy of copy with regard to spellings and content. You will hold me harmless against any liability, in any territory, including liability as a result of copyright infringement and libel. You agree to indemnify me against claims for compensation or damages that arise as a result of work I do for your organisation. You are responsible for ensuring all statements, promises, claims or guarantees in copy submitted by me are correct and upheld in the law of relevant territories. You will not make claims for compensation or disembursement due to loss of earnings or other harmful effects to your business.

5 Copyright

Following completion of my work and full payment, you will hold the copyright to the submitted work. However, I reserve the right to use reasonable extracts from the completed work the completed work within my portfolio, both offline and offline unless confidentiality or non-disclosure has been agreed in writing.

6 Payment terms

Jobs up to £450 require payment in full before work starts.

Jobs of £451 and over require 50% deposit prior to work starting and 50% on submission of the final draft. A final invoice will accompany the final draft. Payment of this invoice must occur within 14 days of receipt.

7 Late payment

I reserve the right to charge a 10% late payment fee if payment is not made within 14 days of the final invoice.

8 Cancelling work

You may cancel work at any time prior to a deposit being made. Once a deposit has been paid, it will not be refunded.

9 Cease work orders

The vast majority of clients are completely satisfied with work supplied by Coast Copywriting. However, if you are not happy with my service and after giving me a reasonable opportunity to rectify any problems through two rounds of amends, the contract between us can be cancelled. To do this, please send an email headed ‘Cease work order’. This is without prejudice and admits no liability or failure to meet the terms of the contract on my part. All work generated up to that point will be paid for by the client, regardless of whether the client has approved this work. Remaining balances will be returned to the client as applicable, minus work hours deducted. Upon payment, the client owns the right to the work.

10 Client satisfaction

As mentioned at the top of the page, disputes are rare. Please email or pick up the phone if there has been a misunderstanding at any stage in our working together. It is almost always the best way to proceed to get work completed to your satisfaction.

To chat about any of the above, please call Martin at Coast Copywriting on 07414 865222 or contact via email.